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A True People Person

Radiates genuine hospitality and acts as an ambassador of the company culture. Positive attitude and an easy-going behavior. A welcoming team player with strong cooperation skills to provide the best customer experience.


A Passionate Foodie

We pride ourselves on the upscale quality of our food. This is of the utmost importance where an unwavering standard of consistency and excellence is to be expected. A passion for fine food and coffee house beverages is highly valued to constantly keep the company moving forward. Having a sweet tooth is not required, but is always a plus when working around delicious signature French pastries.

Our Jobs

Pastry & Coffee Barista

The FolieMaker is a flexible, hands-on, interactive position in direct contact with our signature pastries and retail products. Our FolieMakers are at the core of the Pastry & Coffee House, working as a team to showcase the following responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain appropriate flow of French food and beverages to guests in a timely manner.

  • Ensure correct handling of all orders.

  • Prepare all the orders correctly and efficiently in accordance with FoliePop’s standards and health code.

  • Friendly & welcoming to guests. With a positive attitude and strong cooperation skills with team members.

  • Operation of the P.O.S system and equipment (training included)

  • With good hygiene 

  • Must be in operational physical shape to remain standing and to perform assembling tasks & additional requirements during shift hours


Perks: Flexible, interactive, hands-on, engaging & well-compensated.


Our Team

What are the perks of joining our awesome team?! Immerse yourself in a diverse and international environment and company just as it is establishing its roots in Austin, Texas. Learn from the cultural differences and international experiences of your co-workers to enrich your professional skills and expand your horizons on a personal level. Enjoy a passionate job in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by exquisite pastries, with a generous compensation and opportunities to grow with the company. Become one the first to be part of the next success gourmet story in Austin.


Embark on a Professional Adventure

Play a crucial role in a unique professional adventure and uncommon passionate story. 

Work in a diverse environment alongside experienced & talented individuals: Engage the hearts and minds of your teammates. Learn from them while bringing your attitude & enthusiasm to the table to provoke a fruitful work environment.

Inspire Others

Become a dynamic brand ambassador dedicated to driving and achieving results with your teammates & co-workers.

Work around exquisite French pastries: Work around the most authentic customizable signature French pastries in Austin, handmade by Chef Antoine at our Coffee House & 2,300 Square-foot Central Kitchen.

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