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Sweet delights, delivered for your success.


Foliepop’s, is an Austin-based patisserie laboratory driven by a visionary mission to deliver in-house quality pastries at a significantly reduced cost.


We excel in creating sumptuous bites of contemporary and distinctive artisan French pastries, expertly harmonizing with the finest cuisines, all while offering economic advantages for your business.


Our offerings include:

  • Ready-to-plate items

  • Exquisite yet affordable desserts of the highest caliber

  • A seasonal menu that celebrates the best flavors of each time of the year

  • Exceptional amenities

  • Customized pastries tailored to suit unique events and occasions

At Foliepop's, we take pride in providing a delightful experience for your customer's taste buds while making financial sense for your company.

Let Foliepop's be your Pastry Chef!

We handle everything and simply provide you with desserts you are proud to serve!  Our company is defined by high quality and consistency. Our refined and elegant desserts are guaranteed to further elevate your customer's dining experience.




We are committed to creating delicious delicacies for all, including vegan and gluten-free customers. Our company pledges to never use artificial ingredients, colors, or additives in any of our pastries.

Our team is highly creative and excited to design, produce, and deliver all of our pastries to your kitchen. Each order is delivered frozen in hard stackable boxes for easy storage and organization.


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