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The Chef

Chef Kévin D'Andrea is the Executive Chef at FoliePop's.

Originally from France, Kevin made a name for himself as a finalist on the hit culinary TV show "Top Chef" France in 2015 and solidified his reputation when he was awarded the coveted french title of  "Best Young Chef of 2016".

At a young age, Chef Kévin was taken under the wing of legendary Michelin Star Chef Alain Llorca at Hôtel Belles Rives in the French Riviera, which fueled his passion for the culinary scene and his professional development in the industry. Chef Kévin worked with one of the world's most decorated chefs, Chef Alain Ducasse, in the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris before working at 3 Michelin star restaurant, Le Meurice with Yannick Alléno. Chef Kévin later worked at the iconic restaurant Bob Bob Ricard in London before opening his very own restaurant in Paris. His venue, Mensae, went on to win "Best Bistro of Paris" in 2016.


In pursuit of the American Dream, Chef Kévin packed his cooking knives & left his successful career in France, and moved to the US, where he served as Executive Chef for the restaurant La Villa in Houston, TX.


After falling in love with Texas, Chef Kévin was seduced by the FoliePop's project which originally started as a french food street cafe but has evolved into a business-to-business kitchen that now provides elegant French pastries to the best venues.  Kevin's vision is to provide in-house quality desserts at a fraction of the in-house costs to Austin and beyond.

Chef Kévin d'Andrea

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